Congratulations to your new TheBone®.
Here a few important and helpful tips, just enough to get you started and on your way.

Changing strings

Use light gauge strings: ,010 / ,013 / ,017 / ,026 / ,036 / ,046

Removing old string(s)

  • When replacing string(s), preferably clip old strings in half, before removing them from guitar. In doing so the old crimped string ends can be removed more easily right at the Nut/Stringholder.

Restringing the guitar:

  • Before inserting new string, Tuning knobs must be turned clockwise until they come to a halt.
  • Feed new string through opening in the back of the guitar and out the top.
  • Pull the string all the way through the top hole until it resists your tug.
  • Feed the string through the appropriate hole in the Stringholderplate at the nut and wrap the string clockwise!! around the Stringfasteningscrew. String should rest between Screw head and washer!!!!
  • While holding string in slight tension, tighten screw (use wrench integrated on the TheBone® back side). Do not use excessive force! (It dose not use much force for the string to be clamped tight).
  • Proceed in tightening string by turning Tuning knobs counterclockwise. To reach final pitch, use fine toning-key, integrated in the Body-Clip.
  • Excess string length at Stringfasteningscrew can be removed by bending string back and forth until it brakes.

The tensioning distance is limited and will come to a halt. This might happen if the string is to loosely restrung. “never use force!”
Click here to watch the video!


The “BodyClip”

When folding open the “BodyClip” – the last move is to fit endpin in to endpin-hole.
When collapsing the “BodyClip” – first unlock endpin from endpinhole. When detaching the interlocking fittings (pulling apart and fold) be sure to position your grip (hands) close to where the fitting comes apart.
When collapsing the back segment (the one with the strap holder), be sure to first disconnect the side, with the radius (rubber cover).
When attaching the “BodyClip” screws to the instrument, be sure that the “BodyClip”
segments lie flat (in one plane). Also make sure that screws are screwed to the body in a right angle without using any force.


Fitting “the BONE” in to the bag

TheBone® fits best with strings facing the outside of bag. In doing so, the folded BodyClip fits nicely alongside the rounded part of the guitar neck, in the space opposite the protective divider inside the bag.

The Bag strap can also be used as guitars strap.


Adjusting String height

Only for Guitar professional.

  • Turn tuningknobs clockwise until all strings are loose (do not loosen the 6 string-clamping-screws holding the strings to the String-holder-plate).
  • Detach the two attachment screws of the String-holder-plate (leave stings attached to plate). Now the String-holder-plate incl. Strings can be moved aside.
  • Next: Nut and Bridge-insert can now be adjusted as necessary.
  • When done, fasten String-holder-plate again to the Neck-end and bringing strings back to pitch.


We wish you grate pleasure with your new guitar!
TRIFF Guitars of Switzerland